Our Values

The face behind Get Waisted Goddess.

Hello, My name is Tiffany and I created GWG with a few simple goals in mind, which are to promote body positivity, support women empowerment, and create a business while doing so.  Within the last year of self re-discovery and learning more about African traditions, I began to create waist beads for myself.  Before I knew it, I was making beads for my family and close friends. Soon, with the help of social media (@getwaisted.goddess_) I began to make waist beads for friends of friends and  strangers.  The support I have gained is beyond my imagination. Like-minded women who started off as strangers, we now continue to fill each others spirits with love and light. 

Like many woman, I also have struggled with body image and loving who I am unconditionally.  With so many unrealistic ideas of what a woman should look or act like it can become difficult to look past your own flaws and still know you are a beautiful person.  I want my waist beads to be an everlasting reminder to anyone who wears them that your body, your spirit and your womanhood are unique.  We must let go of any notion the world has put in our head about our bodies or what it should and shouldn't look like.  Woman of all sizes can confidently  adorn themselves with waist beads.  Wearing them is a personal reflection and appreciation for your God-given beauty.