Why shop with Get Waisted Goddess?

Our goal is to promote body positivity and woman empowerment, we have created waist beads that will accentuate all curves on any body type. All waist beads are authentically hand made and come straight from the motherland of Nigeria and Ghana. Our tie on waist beads are the best that Africa has to offer, beads will remain vibrant in color they will not fade,and the cord that is used will not tear or break.

How do I tie my waist beads?

1. Untie your waistbeads (Most beads are tied in a slip knot, so pull the string which will release the knot)

2. Choose where you would like to place the waist beads on your stomach or hips.

3. Once you choose the placement for your waist beads, shift all the access beads over towards the end of the string.

4. Tie both sides on the string in a knot.

*Important: To strengthen the knot, wrap the thread which you are tying in a loop around the waistbeads, tie and repeat 3Xs while ensuring that you are pulling the thread tightly to secure the knot.

5. Cut off access thread and beads after tying.

*Suggestion: Use access beads as an ankle bracelet.


History of waist beads:

The traditions of African waist beads were made popular by the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. They were worn as symbols of womanhood, fertility, protection and spirituality. In history, these beads are recorded to have been worn as early as the 15th century to serve many celebratory purposes including rite of passage. Sometimes beads are worn as a status symbol when they are outside the clothes. When worn inside the clothes or without clothes, it is symbolic and significant to a husband or lover.


What are waist beads worn for?

Adornment- Waist beads help women embrace and honor their sexuality.  They make women feel beautiful and help with a positive body image, self-love and acceptance.

Intimacy- Waist beads are also worn for seduction and can provoke desire.  Wives would often lure their husbands with the rattle of beads or use them as a means to communicate their fertility at certain times of the month.

Weight Management- The practice of wearing several waist beads over time will help to keep the waist small and accentuate the hips. They can be a good tool to measure weight gain and loss.

Celebratory Purposes- Throughout several countries in Africa, waist beads have been used to adorn girls in celebration of how they have matured.  Traditionally, mothers adorned their daughters with waist beads during their first menstruation as a rise of passage into womanhood.

Waist beads tell the story of our womb. They remind us that our curves and everything within our belly is what makes us women.